I’m a survivor.

Sean Z Smith

Now I live to inspire others and to be the father that I never had. I look forward to many years of epic adventures that I can share with other survivors and their families in hopes of preventing them from unnecessary suffering. I have a dream to start an organization that inspires and helps others achieve their own epic adventures. Money is often the main factor that keeps us from being able do great things and I hope that my organization can overcome that obstacle for many walking in my shoes.  

Riding Bicycles is what I’m most known for. I have been riding bikes ever since I had cancer and will continue riding as long as my body allows and by then I will have a drone bicycle driving me around. One day I will ride my bike around the world. 

It's twenty three years since my life was first changed by cancer and against all odd I have survived, and even thrived, and I want to share with you some of the great thing about my life and how good life can be after cancer. 

I have recently started dreaming about flying again and plan to learn to fly a para-glider so I can once again do what I was born to do. I went skydiving in Hawaii and can’t wait to jump again.

Many people have commented on my epic videos and I have often been told that I’m an inspiration to many. For a long time I felt that I had nothing to live for and nothing to offer the world. I never set out to inspire anyone. 

I enjoy hiking and camping. Almost every year I try to reach the summit of Mt. St. Helens and have my sights set on the seven summits. For the last several years I have been trying to get other survivors to join me and climb my favorite mountain to show other survivors what we can do.

I have never archived success by many worldly standards, but I have found happiness and my daughter has a great life. My life is good because I work hard to focus on the good and I’m proud of the man that I have become.

I’m a father to a wonderful eight year old daughter who I credit with saving my life and helping heal many of my wounds. I was blessed to be able to spend four years volunteering in her Head Start program and even continued to volunteer there after she moved on to Kindergarten. I plan to continue volunteering. Those little kids have a big impact on my life and I know many of them will remember me for a long time. 



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My name is Sean Z Smith. I had cancer in 1992 during my senior year of high school. I had dreams of flying jets for the Navy or the Air Force and had just completed 62 hours of flight training when the doctors told me I had cancer.

I felt that my life was over. One day I was a hot young man flying airplanes and chasing all the girls and the next thing I knew I had tubes coming out of my body and machines beeping in my ear while pumping drugs and fluids into my arms and belly to keep me alive.

It’s important that people understand that I’m not super human. I suffer from chronic back pain and every year I have to work hard to fight off depression. I had a feeding tube for seventeen years, could not eat by mouth for ten years, and had no voice for the last three of those years. I attempted university with aspirations of becoming an architect; unfortunately my back pain and social anxiety make school impossible for me, maybe that will change after my daughter is a little older.