My name is Sean and I had cancer when I was 17 and I became a laryngectomee 10 years later. I would like to start a movement called Epic Adventures For Survivors that helps people return to an active lifestyle after surviving cancer and others medical traumas by sharing our stories of survival and the adventures we've had since.

inspiring others by sharing our stories

Learn how we're helping to change lives.

I have decided to embark on my own


to meet other survivors and to document their stories
Gresham, Oregon

Let us know how you can help!

 Do you have a story to share? 

Are you willing to make a pledge to support the ride? 

A place to stay for a night along the way? 

Or some other ideas to help the cause or questions about what all of this is about? 

Let us know!


Together, we can make a difference

Sustain the momentum! Help build a network of people like you and me who can organize local events, like walks around a park, or hikes to a waterfall, and connect people who are willing to meet with survivors after their operations, providing them with a friend who can come over and take them out for an adventure.  If you can do it they can do it!
Our Mission
Contribute to the cause through GiveForward.com. All major credit cards accepted.
Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the more help we can receive.


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Learn how you can inspire, encourage, and change the lives of others.

A selection of the stories we have collected so far.

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I am embarking on my own epic adventure traveling North America by bicycle to meet with other survivors of head and neck cancers and to share their stories...

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